Exuding authentic ‘Thainess’, HARNN is a wellness company that spans four different spa brands – HARNN Heritage; by HARNN; The Spa by HARNN; and its newest invention, SCape by HARNN. HARNN creates high quality products using only natural ingredients and methods gathered from generations of Thai artisans. Furthermore, it seeks to transform how you nurture your mind, body and soul. Enriching the lives of every individual in meaningful ways remains essential to the HARNN philosophy. This drives HARNN to elevate generations of wisdom with the latest innovations, improving the wellness brand’s ability to harness nature’s potential and ensuring the creation of desirable products of the highest quality. 

HARNN’s vision is to lead, inspire and represent contemporary Thainess across Asia in a new world of beauty and wellbeing. Since its founding, HARNN has been passionately discovering and exploring nature’s healing and curative potential. HARNN’s relevance in the market is mostly due to the brand’s application of research and insight in its product range, operational processes, market strategy and retail management. HARNN is also enhanced by its experiential approach to retail where it curates immersive experiences that allow you to engage and connect with the brand.

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